Why you should try kayaking

Engaging in different fun activities during your free time is important in several ways. It is always good to find time off work and break that monotony. There are several fun activities you can engage in during your time out. Football, swimming and playing basketball are some activities you can do to break a sweat. Some people opt for adventurous and adrenalin charged activities to pass the time. Some of these adrenaline-charged activities include camping, hiking, and kayaking. Also known as extreme sports, one exposes themselves to different obstacles which at times lead to injuries. Kayaking is an everyday recreational activity for many. It involves the use of narrow boats known as kayaks or canoes which are steered through the water with the help of paddles.


The sitting and paddling postures is what differentiates a canoe from a kayak. There are different types of kayaking001 which include whitewater kayaking and flat-water kayaking.  Whitewater kayaking is practiced in flowing rivers while flat water is practiced in the calm waters of a large water body.  The boat used in this type of activity is designed to maneuver through different tides of water. They are light to enable them to float and streamlined to help them sail smoothly through the water. Many fear to engage in kayaking because of the myths that come with it which happen to be false. However, here are some reasons why you should try kayaking



Kayaking can be an excellent method of exercising. Paddling canoes or kayaks help exercise your body and maintain physical fitness. Paddling assists in the growth of one’s biceps because the arms are involved more. Energy is also used to move the body forward especially for those using solo boats. Many have opted for this activity to help maintain their body fitness.



There are different obstacles you can go through in this type of activity. One of them is falling off a waterfall. This can be a breathtaking affair which most people find risky. Going through rocks and cliffs are other adventurous activities involved in this sport. Some people create their competitions and reward those who manage to beat certain obstacles.


Bonding activity

003You will meet up with new people who have come to enjoy their free time. People can create teams or groups and compete in different races. Teamwork brings about bonding, and creation of new friendships in the process. Kayaking cuts through ages which encourages people from different age brackets to meet and exchange ideas. It can be a romantic getaway for some couples.