Chainsaw buying guide

A chainsaw is a power tool that is highly efficient in cutting trees and branches. An engine, powers the chainsaw, powering a metal chain that moves at fast speeds that have sharp teeth which when dragged on the surface of the wood, cuts it. Chainsaws can be used by a wide range of professionals to do various tasks. This can be gardeners, landscapers, arborists, loggers, homeowners, firefighters and carpenter. If one intends to buy a chainsaw, what do they look for? Below is a buying guide.

Buying Chainsaw

Consider the power source


One needs to consider the source of power of the chainsaw. Chainsaws can be powered by three different types of power sources. That is gasoline – powered chainsaws, electric powered chainsaws and battery powered chainsaws.

• Gasoline powered – This run on a mixture of oil and gasoline fuel that one can either mix themselves or purchase already mixed. They have a two-cycle engine and are powerful tools that cranks with a pull-start. They are very powerful tools and great for performing heavy-duty tasks, they are noisy and also require maintenance. The models range from light-duty models to professional heavy duty grade saws. The power of gasoline chainsaws is measured by the engine size in cubic inches or cubic centimeters. The higher the number is, the more powerful the engine will be. However, the greater the power, the heavier the chainsaw will be.

• Electric chainsaw – This runs on electricity. They can be usually corded. They are good for small jobs that require less power like pruning, trimming and light cutting. They quieter in noise levels and require less maintenance. Power in the electric chainsaws is referred to as Amps or Amperage and the higher the Amps, the more powerful the chainsaw will be.

• Battery powered chainsaw – These are powered by batteries. The most popular battery used on this chainsaws is lithium-ion (Li-ion), but there are those that use nickel-cadmium (Nicad). Power is measured in voltage or volts. These chainsaws are considered the smallest and weakest and are good for light pruning and cutting. Battery powered chainsaws are cordless and one will need to recharge the battery or change with a fresh one when working.

Decide on the size

One needs to consider the size of the chainsaw. This is determined by the engine power and piston displacement. If one is inexperienced, then they should choose a smaller chainsaw that is easier to use. Also, a heavy chainsaw will not be a good choice for an inexperienced user, for one’s arms and hands will tire fast. Another factor that will determine the size of the chainsaw is the type of work being done. Factors to consider here are the wood type and size of the tree. Large trees will require more powerful chainsaws, for smaller chainsaws will undergo great strain and wear out fast.

Check on length of the guide bar

Another feature to look at is the length of the guide bar. This is usually determined by the size of the tree on is working on. For small trees a short length bar will work best, it also weighs less. For a larger tree one will need a longer guide bar.


chainsaw3How much is one planning to use to purchase the chainsaw? Factors that affect the cost include the type of chainsaw one want to purchase, the kind of job they will be engaged in and how robust one want the chainsaw to be and what they can actually afford.…