What to consider when selling your bike

Owning a motorbike can be fun but not an easy task when it comes to its maintenance. People own bikes for several reasons the most important one being commuting from one place to another. The ability of bikes to beat heavy traffic is one reason should have them. They are not broad like vehicles and can penetrate through the narrow spaces or pavements and save you time. Bikes have a better gas mileage than cars, and this helps you save money. Other people buy motorcycles for their leisure activities. Racing is one adrenaline-charged activity most people like. Several groups have come up with their racing competitions where bikers compete and whoever wins gets awarded.


Others have formed cult-like biking groups where they meet during their free time and go on road trips. It is easy002 selling your bike at a slightly fair price to the one you bought it. You can sell it to a motorbike buying company although several things may affect its resale value. Its demand in the market is one thing that may change its resale price. The condition or appearance is another factor because some parts of your bike may become worn out. Some people will always ask for the period you have used it to judge its condition. You should put a few things into consideration when coming up with that price tag for your bike. Here are some of them.


Understanding your bike

You should understand every detail of your bike before putting it on sale. It could be worse if the buyer knows your bike more than you because it will affect the price you want to charge them. The buyer will also have doubts about your ability to maintain the bike, and this might keep them off from buying. Make sure you know and communicate everything concerning your motorcycle fluently to them to increase their chances of purchasing it.



People will quote different prices for your bike depending on their budget. Some will cite a lesser amount than the one you are charging. Do not stick to your amount only because you might end up not selling your bike. You can also introduce various payment methods like partial payments and have legal documents to ensure all end up smoothly.



003At times you may consider selling your motorbike online. One should make it easy for interested buyers to understand the reason for your bike value. Post several pictures of your bike and give them its brief history and current condition. This will help generate interest among buyers, and you will sell it in a short time.…

Advantages and disadvantages of air shipping

Being able to ship by air is an advantage in the current world. Buyers opt to ship by air for different reasons. However, there are several restrictions when it comes to air shipping. Before you decide on transportation through the air, you must be aware of the pros and cons.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages



It is the number one advantage of using air transport. This is the fastest mode of transport in the world. It is the most preferred for fast mailing over long distances. Apart from its speed, the method is safe. Few cases of theft, fire and related risks are involved. If you want to ship perishables, this is the method to use. You are assured that your goods will reach the destination just as you wanted them. With air transport, there is minimal rough handling and temperature change. All that said, we can conclude that air transport is the quickest and safest mode of shipping available.

No disruptions

With air transport, there are fewer destructions on the way. Nothing much that stops the delivery process from going through. Mountains, forests and road construction cannot stop airplanes. Customs and clearance into other countries do not affect airplanes as well.


Having learned about the advantages, we need to know something about the other side of shipping by air. We cannot call them disadvantages, but it is good to point them out.

It is expensive

One thing you must have at the back of your mind is that air transport is expensive. As you think about the cost, you will realize that the advantages of air transport outweigh the amount to be paid. Many people are willing to pay whatever amount as long as they get their parcels faster and safe.

Small carrying capacity

This is a dilemma when it comes to air transport. It cannot carry much compared to sea transport. If you are shipping heavy and bulky stuff, air transport is not the best, consider sea transport as it more spacious and less costly. Items like vehicles and furniture can best be shipped by sea. They do not consider cargo space as well.

Bad weather

In cases of bad weather which does not happen all the time, flights can be canceled. Snow, torrential rains, and fog could lead to the cancellation of flights. This would affect you if you had a deadline for your expected shipment.