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Types of Powder Coatings

There are two kinds of powder coatings: thermoset and thermoplastic powder coatings. Under each, we have different types. Manufacturers and buyers usually examine the potential coating complexity and the overall cost before they can decide which type is appropriate for their application. There is also another category known as the new technologies.

Thermoplastics are synthetic materials which may be formed several times. High temperatures may melt thermoplastics, and this is beneficial in recycling as well as forming, though not ideal for situations that may be exposed to intense heating. Thermoplastics used as powder coatings are usually chemical-resistant and wear-resistant.

Thermosets are applied like the thermoplastic powders. However, unlike thermoplastic, they go through a series of chemical, cross-linking reaction which is not reversible once baked. The following are various types of powder coating supplies.


Polyvinyl chloride is a sleek, pliable and durable powder coating. Like nylon, they are also approved for food contact and may be used in many similar applications. PVC is also suitable for insulating electrical lines and work just as well for chain link fence coating.PVC


This is an extremely impact-resistant and durable powder coat. It offers great protection against solvents and chemicals and is approved for food contact. The parts that are covered with this type of powder coat include dishwashers and food handling baskets. It also has a very low friction coefficient, which makes it useful for coating conveyor equipment and gears.


These are very resistant to chemicals and abrasives. They offer excellent adhesion and smooth surface properties. These benefits make polyolefin coating useful for lab components, which need regular cleaning.


These coatings look great and are also resistant to abrasions. They are useful for outdoor furniture and exposed auto parts like the strut spring and the leaf. They come in diverse colors. Some are certified for building exteriors because they shield elements and maintain their color.


Epoxy coatings are electrically insulative and hard. They are, however, brittle if exposed to UV light and can become dull and chalk over time. This makes them suitable for use as pipe coatings, indoors or buried underground.


Unlike the epoxy based resins, they do well in sunlight and can blend over surfaces, hence leaving wet-looking, high gloss finish that may be pigmented or clear. They lack durability because of their brittle hardness but are extensively used in some automotive parts like the wheels and exposed parts of the engine.

New technologies

newtechnologiesIt is not possible for powder coating to coat plastic pieces because of the high heat needed during the curing process. Some developments are creating new powders and resins using UV light for curing. This type of curing can be achieved in less than two minutes under temperatures lower than 22 degrees Fahrenheit. This technology is still new and has not been advanced.…

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Buying Vaping Juice for Beginners

If you have just started vaping, then you are probably struggling with buying e-juice. The type of juice that you buy will determine your vaping experience. There are many brands available in the market. However, you need to make sure how to look beyond the brand names.

You need to be sure of the juice that you buy because a slight mistake can be detrimental to your health. It is important to make sure that you buy premium e-liquids that safe for your health. Here are some tips on buying e-juices and e-liquids:

Base of the juice

Take time and determine the base of the juice that you wantsomeone using vaping juice to buy. There are two bases when it comes to e-juices. We have the PG and VG juices based on the ingredients used in creating the base. None of the bases is superior to the other.

It all comes to your personal preference and how you like your vaping juice to feel. With a PG base, you will enjoy the original flavor of the juice without any other additives. However, it has that hit on the throat that you get from smoking the normal cigarettes. VG, on the other hand, is heavy and it has a sweet taste.

Nicotine or nicotine free

When buying vaping juice, you need to determine whether you need one with nicotine or the nicotine-free. If you are switching from the normal cigarettes, then e-juice with nicotine might be helpful. However, you need to be sure of the level of nicotine in the juice. Nicotine can be very addictive, so the last thing that you want is to become hooked to nicotine. For people who do vape for leisure, then nicotine-free e-juices are the best option for you.

Choose your favorite flavor

Most of the time, the flavors of the juice are fruit based or spicy. The choice of flavor is personal, and it depends on the type of feel and smells that you like. For beginners, fruit juices are a good option before your pallet gets used to different flavors. You might be required to try different flavors before you settle for your best choice.

vaping juice and e-liquids


Vaping juices come with additives. You need to check the safety of the additives. The additives used in the e-juice should not affect the taste or the feeling of the juice. Some of the common additives include vodka, sweets, and even water.…


Why you need Fire Watch Guards ?

Fire accidents often cause a lot of damage to property. They can consume homes, offices, and other buildings, leaving behind huge losses. They also can cause injuries or deaths depending on the magnitude.


Therefore, it is good to have enough precautionary measures that will ensure that in case of such accidents, you did not have to go through such unfortunate situations. Some of the situation that causes fire accidents might be unavoidable meaning that all you have to do is to be prepared for everything. One of the precautionary measures that you can take to be sure of safety during fore outbreaks is to hire fire watch guards. These are professionals that will take charge of your property so that they can detect any fire, and put it out before it causes too much damage. In addition to that, they will be on the lookout for anything that is likely to cause danger and correct it. To get the best guards, think about the following.


They are prepared to fight fire

Ask the fire guards how ready they are to fight fire just in case it breaks out. They should demonstrate that they have all that it takes to save property and life. When you do this, it will emerge that there are those that are properly prepared while others may not be at the level that you want. Preparedness starts with having the right knowledge and equipment. If the guards come to your premises, but they do not have the right firefighting equipment, there is little that they can offer when an emergency occurs.

Ability to detect dangers

The best fire watch guards are those that can detect danger before it happens. They should have the ability to inspect your property so that they can tell whether there are any risks involved. They may have to look at the furnace, electricity connection, and many others. In case of an event, they should be able to tell if there is anything that can lead to a fire. This way, you are sure that they have certified the premises, and safety is at a good level. They should not just act when the worst has already happened.


Experience in managing emergency situations

It is good to go for a company that has experience in handling an emergency situation, When a fire breaks out, especially when there are many people around, everyone is likely to be thrown into panic. They will be running in all directions not knowing where the exits are. This requires the guards to take control so that they can guide the people to safety even as they try to contain the fire. Salvaging the


most valuable items should also be top on their list. They cannot effectively do this unless they have handled such situations before.

When looking for fire watch guards, the best thing to do is to go for companies that always upgrade their equipment. The needs of customers are always changing, and therefore, only the latest equipment can satisfy them regardless of the kind of emergency that they are faced with.…

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Automatic cat feeder is better for your cat

There will always be an innovation that will improve your pet’s quality life, including cats. Feeding your cat may seem like a simple task to do until you have to hurry for a busy day or you have to come home late because of an event. If you think that spending more money for an automatic cat feeder is too much and you would rather buy a regular food bowl, then read this article first before you make up your mind about it. There are many reasons why this device can improve your cat’s quality life and make you happier as well. You can put less effort into making sure that your cat is well fed and healthy and spend the time that it usually takes to feed them to do something else. There is no need to worry anymore whether you forget to feed the cat or not. Besides all the benefits that you can get, here is why automatic cat feeder is better for your cat.

Give them a regular eating schedule

kittenWhen you feed the cat on yourself, even if you have a schedule it won’t always be on time. But if you use an automatic cat feeder, your cat will have a regular plan on when to eat so the cats can get used to it. If you are curious to know more about it, where to buy and which one to buy, you can go to feedthemiaw.com/ and find all of the information about automatic cat feeder.

Maintain food portion

Besides no more skipping meal because you don’t have to feed them directly anymore, they can have a controlled food portion that you can customize to be different throughout the day. For example, if you wish to feed you feed your cat regular size of food bowl in the morning and at lunch but you want to give them half of the lunch’s portion at night then it is possible with this device.

Keep your cat healthy

fat catNot every cat has a healthy weight because of their laziness and the amount of food that they receive. Cat owners tend to feed their cats the same amount of regular food even if their cat isn’t that active. Obesity is dangerous and can cause many health problems for anyone who has it, including cats. So with the automatic cat feeder, the device can help you to maintain your cat’s health by giving them the appropriate serving.…